Emergency Room

Emergency Room

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Central line: 049 8221 211
Ward: 049 8221 271

The Emergency Room at the Abano Terme General Hospital is located on the mezzanine floor. It covers a strategic role in regards to handling the management of emergency services in the surrounding territory. This guarantees quality assistance not only to Abano Terme citizens, but also to communities in the vicinity. This equates to about 150,000 residents in the Euganean Hills, plus about 40,000 tourists, that are within reach. Besides the red area and green area of the Emergency Room (which also functions as a Suem unit of urgent and emergency medical care), the hospital dotes an Observation Unit (OU) with four eds and two chair positions. Here, the patients' treatments are onitored until the given diagnostictherapeutic procedure has taken its course.

This way of operating on the part of the OU results in extreme efficiency in terms of reducing the number of inappropriate hospital admissions, and at the same time, allows the doctors in the Emergency Room to not run the risk of prematurely dismissing patients who are not fully stabilized.
Every year, the service manages about 35,000 cases of varying degrees of severity. The daily average is around 60 patients visited. The service has two fully equipped medical ambulances capable of resuscitation and intensive care for emergencies within the territory.

The ambulances are connected to the national emergency telephone number: 118. Next to the Emergency Room, there is an urgent radiology station and a room for emergency orthopedic traumas. The ER also makes use of the Medical Laboratory service during the 12 daily opening hours, but also at night and on holidays when needed. This is he same in regards to the collaboration with the various medical pecialties in the hospital such as cardiology, pneumology, gastroenterology, obstetrics and gynecology surgery to name a few. Of course, the ER also has the use of the departments within the hospital that are purely outpatient services.

Normally, access to the ER is done in two ways:

Through the SUEM network for emergency care by calling 118
With one's own means of transportation.
After taking the patient's information and making a first identification of the problem, a color code will be assigned which will regulate the order of the patients in the ER.
The color codes used internationally and in the hospital are:

Code Red
Code Yellow
Code Green
Code White
Code Red represents the highest level of emergency. It deals with atients whose vital signs are critical and whose lives are in imminent danger. These patients are given absolute priority and are immediately admitted to the 'Red Area' where they undergo whichever interventions are deemed necessary.

Code Yellow represents a very serious situation, but one where the patient's life is not at risk. It is a priority assigned to patients who need immediate attention, but whose vital signs are not comprised in any dramatic way. These patients are also introduced quickly into the 'Red Area' and evaluated by the doctors as rapidly as possible.

All of the other patients are classified as Code Green or Code White depending on their level of suffering and their ability to possibly withstand a prolonged period of waiting. The ER is therefore logistically subdivided into a read zone for emergencies, a green zone for less important situations, and a short-term intensive care observation unit.

The Red Area: The Red Area is the main clinic and is the most fully equipped. It has 3 stations with satellite wall units which are made up of all of the most cutting-edge technology for monitoring and assisting critical patients. These are used for the management of the most serious medical cases.

The Green Area: The Green Area is the secondary clinic used in handling less urgent cases. It has two stations for visiting and treating patients. It is the surgical area of the ER where trauma patients, if they are stable, wounded patients, or patients with other minor surgical pathologies, can be taken care of.