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The Ophthalmology Department at the Abano Terme Polyclinic fills a strategic roll of prevention and care in the immediate geographical area. In the last few years activity in the department has increased due to not only the addition of new equipment for ophthalmic reattachment, such as the Polyvisus New Omega, but also for the growth in outpatient cataract surgery (patients are received, operated on, and discharged in the arc of 2 or 3 hours) in collaboration with the Ophthalmology Operating Unit of the Saint Anothony hospital in Padua, directed by Dr. Alessandro Galan.

The outpatient department, the nurses' stations, and the operating room are all connected by an internal network. In this way it is possible to monitor patient data at any moment, such as the exams they have done, and their relative medical records and reports. This virtual patient path is created to constantly keep a watchfull eye on the patient's situation.

The department carries out a programmed outpatient service, consultancy for the Emergency Room and inpatient care, instrumental diagnostics for both the front and rear segments of the eye, and outpatient surgery. In the two ambulatories of ophthalmology and orthoptic-perimetry, check-ups are done after surgery and laser treatment, paying particular attention to diabetic patients who are given a preferential track for a quick recovery in accordance with the diabetologist.

To guarantee a high level of quality, the ambulatories are furnished with:

  • Autorefractor
  • Pneumatic tonometer
  • AutoLensmeter
  • Pachymeters and Corneal Topographer
  • Slit Lamp

The major part of the pathologies treated are of a general retinal vasculopathy nature, diabetic retinopathy, maculopathy, symptoms of vitreous detachment, and opticopathy (in particular when glaucoma is involved).

Moreover, the center also performs surgical corrections, even if just for aesthetic purposes, for pterygium ( a degenerative process in the conjunctiva), and malpositioned eyelids. The use of local aneasthesia is forseen, and in both cases, patients can go home in the same day.

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